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Atari Schematics Central

Your lifeline when you need to repair your Atari

This page was created as a help to all Atari users who are getting less retailers and repairing shops to turn to all the time and therefore need to repair their machines on their own.
The site contains various Atari schematics and some troubleshooting schemes. I've chosen to pack everything regarding a specific product into one Zip-file. All the schematics are in .PCX format since it can be read on a PC and since most Atari graphics programs I know of are able to deal with .PCX pictures. Some servers don't accept more than 1GB per file to the server, so some of them have been split into two or even three Zip-files. To get the complete schematics, you have to download all the files for the product.
Naturally, there will be more schematics if I ever get my hands on more of them and have the time to scan them. The original copies of the schematics are unfortunately not of the best quality, but I hope they'll be some help anyway.

Since Atari corporation ain't around anymore, I wasn't able to ask anybody for permission to publish the schematics, but since all the computers are rather old and the copyright holder is out of business, I don't believe there is a problem with it. However - be prepared for the future removal of this page if I eventually get a message about it being in violation of the copyright.

1040 STe (615kB)
1040 STfm (979kB
+ 71kB)
Falcon (913kB
+ 920kB + 520kB)
Jaguar (637kB
+ 910kB)
Mega ST (838kB
+ 531kB)
Mega STe (802kB
+ 383kB)
SC 1224 (519kB
SM 124 (716kB